Wartales – Most Important Tips

Useful Tips

Never, ever have a party size larger than 12-13

As soon as you go over this limit:

  1. Micro-management becomes extremely tedious
  2. You will start to have long-time party members die to BS due to level/power scaling
  3. You will spend tens of thousands of gold trying to gear them all
  4. Enemy groups will scale to absolutely ridiculous sizes (in adaptive mode)
  5. You will burn out extremely quickly when playing

The sweet-spot is absolutely 12-13 companions. You’ll prioritize and care about each one of them.

I usually run:

  • 2x Dagger (Medium Armor)
  • 2x Bow (Light Armor)
  • 1x Harpoon (Medium Armor)
  • 1x 1H Axe (Heavy Armor)
  • 1x 2H Mace (Heavy Armor)
  • 1x 1H Sword (Heavy Armor)
  • 3x Ponies

That’s 12. You can eg. 1 more Axe/Mace/Sword if you wish.

This is by far the most fun way to play I have found.

  1. You can gear your troop fast enough.
  2. Cover all professions comfortably.
  3. Have between 500-700 carrying capacity between lvl 8-12.
  4. The perks you get are the most useful with this kind of troop and upgrading perks can be extremely powerful.
  5. You can also make use of the best legendaries with a troop like this.

Battles are challenging but not ridiculous.

Use the map of Wartales with all POI’s to plan your journey and future battles!

What about animals? I don’t use those. They are totally unbalanced. Wolves and Boars suck. Mosquitoes and Bears are OP as heck. Animals eat way too much food. Though food does not become a problem later in the game, I still always encourage focus on eating RELEVANT food. So it can be extremely annoying when you are being asked to fill 50-70 food consumption per rest. Bear food consumption is just mental.

What about achievement for having 20 people in your troop? If you care so much about that, capture a bunch of boars or whatever to get it and then eat them all.

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