Wartales – How to Earn Money Fast

Guide How to Earn Money Fast

Easy, just sell Prisoners! How? Go to any prison tower in whatever region and talk to the jailhouse master which will be behind a desk of some sort.

Then buy as many as you want to and then find bandits to fight.

Once you are in battle, make sure to get a enemy combatant lower than 50% Health.

Once you have done so, you will have a option to knock out that unit and then they will become your prisoner.

After the bandit or outlaw is your prisoner, take them to the same person you bought the chains/shackles from and sell the prisoners.

You will receive 100+ gold for each one you sell. This is the best way to earn coin as thus far, anything else might be a bit harder.

Granted you can sell loot for gold, but that can be a bit tedious at times. Also i recommend you manage your hits as in try not to get hit so much.

The more damage you receive, the more you need to spend on repairs. I recommend a good usage of spear men backed up by archers. Because if you have upgraded spears/pole-arms you will have the ability to hit/stop enemies from approaching.

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