Warhaven – Archer Guide (Playtest)

Basics of the Archer, such as Full Charge Attacks can only kill from basic attacks.

Guide to Archer


Fully charging your basic attack with the bow will cause full damage (They won’t regenerate the missing health over time) and is the only way to kill an enemy with basic attacks. Doing an attack at 80% charge for example won’t finish off the enemy and you will see the damage dealt get replaced by a grey bar, that means they will regenerate their health over time.

So always aim for full charge attacks to be able to get kills (Well, 50% charge is good at close range to get them low first).

Poison Bomb skill (Hazelbloom Arrow)

This is supposed to be used on people that block (if you see a shield player blocking attacks from your team). Can kill enemies on low hp also.

Precision Arrow

Long range arrow which can damage people far away like enemy archers or people high up in towers on siege equipment. Also your very strong attack for 1 shotting enemies. There’s no charge up to this skill, you click to attack instantly at full damage it seems like.

Go for Headshots only with this.

Also penetrates enemies with less damage done to the 2nd/3rd enemy etc.


Assist your team by staggering enemies with full charge attacks and poison bombs, full charge attacks on Horses will make them stop moving also.

Full charge attacks to stagger/kill seems to be the way of the Archer in this game.

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