Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Grail Knight Challenges Guide

Pimp your Grail Knight once you clear these pesky challenges!

GK Challenges

Grail Knight Challenge guide.

Bastion Of Valor

The riposte is easiest to perform on the Minotaur. His only unblockable is the charge from far away. Invest in block cost reduction 60% and you should be able to fight him face to face without fear on Recruit/Veteran. Just hold Riposte and counter attack after any single attack (the 3 hit combo can transition into a 4th attack so it is less safe to punish). Save an Ult to get the killing blow after you have performed three Riposte counter attacks in order for the challenge to pop for you. Any boss can work but between grabs, unblockable attacks, AOE damage and ads the safest bet is to fight a Minotaur in my experience so long as you stay close to him and keep your guard up with RMB between setting up each Riposte as it is faster to maintain your defensive stance with a basic block.

Recruit ranked weave 7 in Season 3 will guarantee you a Minotaur to fight. The last barrel drop point in ranked weave 7 spawns him. Just clear the map out before you fight the Mino. You can also play Dark Omens although there will be more trash to avoid in the end event. The other benefit of doing the ranked weave is you won’t have to worry about bots taking aggro or killing the boss on a difficulty that does not allow you to kill bots with friendly fire at will (which you can’t do with Grail Knight anyways :P)

‘Tis But A Scratch

For no damage play on recruit with the sword and shield and play it safe while the team takes everything out for you. You just need to get lucky with specials not attacking you. Invest in HP+ 20% to give you more wiggle room and make sure you roll the grimoire quest (you can drop it after you pick it up) and Natural Bond to help you repair any mistake you make. With 180 HP and all that HP regen (the talent to buff quest benefits helps too) along with block cost reduction and Opportunist on your sword and shield you should be able to push everything around while holding block the whole time. One attack on Recruit should not break the 90% threshold and you can continue to turtle while you regen missing HP. Alternatively you can bring Boon of Shallya with the Grimoire HP regen to give you temp health as a buffer but I think maxing out HP regen helps you more in the long run so long as you play safe.

Duty is All / The Swiftest in The Land

As for the blessings, I got both to pop at the same time just playing quickplay weaves. You only get kill quests in weaves and often they both finish at the same time doing recruit/veteran QP weaves. With the strength pot talent it is even easier to time the pot drop with a special/elite kill without even focusing on the counters.

You could also go in with the tome/grim quests on a map with both books close by and have you and a teammate grab them at the same time. I recommend Fort Brach as the 2nd Grim and 3rd Tome are right next to each other. Just don’t pick up the other books along the way. You could also try Screaming Bell as the 1st Grimoire and Tome are pretty close. Plant 1 or 2 people on the Grim and move the rest of the team to the tome.

Vanquisher Of….

For the Legend flawless chapters you can leave the mission if you see you are failing prior to arriving at the fail screen to prevent the counter from resetting. I would advise not hosting if you are going to attempt this with randos so your leaving does not impair everyone else’s experience but enough ninjas already be that way it should not make much of a difference.

Divine Intervention

Bring the sweep version of the GK Ult (Lvl 30 talent Virtue of Confidence) to the Skittergate mission and stand in front of the Gunnerrat boss at the end (about 8-10 Ft away from him). When he is about half health and below 30% he will perform a charge attack. Wait for the boss to start charging towards you and ready your Ult. Release when he has started moving forward but before he hits you. The baseball bat swing is the easiest to connect with the boss and send him flying back.

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