Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Out With A Bang… Guide

A quick and easy guide to get this Penance, without major setup.

The Penance

The requirement to get this elusive penance has been made massively easier in Patch 9 (going down from three to one elite kill), but it can still be a bit tricky to figure out how to get it, hopefully without screwing the team over.

This guide exists to provide an easy, guaranteed way to get this penance.

You Will Need

  • A Psyker Psykinetic
  • A Force Sword (any variant)

You Will Want

  • A team that is okay with you going down to get this Penance or..
  • A team that you don’t care about making them pick you up.

You Won’t Need

  • A team to help you.

What Should You Do?

  • Start a mission on Chasm Logistratum, Malice difficulty. That’s the “steal ammo from trains” mission.
  • Progress the mission to the very end. The ammo you need is inside two trains, one on the left, the other on the right.
  • Whichever one your team goes to first, go to the other one.
  • Each of the train’s two wagons is guarded by a single Scab Mauler.
  • Make sure you don’t have any Warp Charges.
  • Brain Burst the Mauler. Without the extra damage offered by Warp Charges, or too much peril for that one great talent, this will be just under the damage required to kill the Mauler.
  • Switch to your force sword.
  • While dodging the Mauler’s attacks, repeatedly charge up your sword to rapidly build Peril.
  • This will cause you to explode, killing the Mauler.

Done. It’s still not a nice thing to do to your team, but at least it doesn’t require them to do anything to set it up.

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