Warframe – The Pestilent Destroyer / Zymos

This guide shows recommended builds for the Zymos against all factions in Warframe. On top of these builds are recommended mods and arcanes that fit well with the weapon.


The build against Corpus Eximus enemies up to level 135 does a massive amount of damage. Meanwhile the builds against the Corrupted, Grineer, and Infested are severely cut due to smaller headshot hit boxes, problems with damage and several other issues, which we will go into detail in later sections.

Weapon Information

Information about the weapon:

  • The Zymos is obtained by reaching the rank of Stranger with the Entrari on Deimos. Father sells the main blueprint and component blueprints for a total of 4,000 standing.
  • Zymos has a mastery rank requirement of 11.
  • Zymos comes with a “V” polarity, a “Dash” polarity, and a “Dash” Exilus polarity. Because of this the builds only require 4 forma.
  • Zymos excels in single target annihilation and small to medium crowds, but only if you land a headshot.

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

Stats about the weapon:


  • Very high status chance of 30%
  • Shots have a guaranteed Impact Proc
  • Shots explode in a 3.3 meter radius upon impact with a surface or enemy, if a headshot is triggered then the shot will stun targets for 1 second and deal damage before exploding and scattering homing spores, which is where a majority of the damage of this weapon comes from.


  • Extremely low Critical Chance of 5%
  • Very low fire rate at 1.33
  • Very slow reload speed at 3.2 seconds
  • Explosions from weapon cause self stagger
  • Extremely low ammo capacity at 51 rounds
  • Headshots are necessary in order to maximize damage, especially in high level missions.


Corpus: Up to level 135

The build for Corpus is extremely powerful. The build focuses on Magnetic/Toxin, in which magnetic amplifies damage to shields and nullifies shield regen for 6 seconds, while Toxin deals 50% of the base damage for 6 seconds. Essentially how it works is if you can’t bypass the shields of the human corpus, then the toxin will off them. Meanwhile as long as headshots are hit on the humans, robotic enemies don’t really stand a chance either.

Corrupted & Grineer: Up to Level 50

Due to the nature of this weapon, I would have to say that it is a very poor choice against the Grineer or Corruption. The main reason for this is that it just plain sucks. Late game Grineer and Corruption spawn Bombards and Heavy Gunners which need Radiation or Corrosive to deal with them. Say you slap on corrosive for ferrite armor, that leaves alloy armor untouched and bombards will be impossible to kill. The only way you should attempt this weapon in late game against these two factions are in conjunction with a condition overload melee build.

Infested: Up to Level 70

Due to the nature of this weapon, I would have to say it is a bad choice against the Infested. Their heads have small hit boxes, unless playing low level missions, but even in that case they move around way too much to get a good headshot. Again I would only attempt bringing this weapon into late game if you are using it with conjunction of a condition overload melee build.

Mod Substitutes

Recommended substituted mods:

  • Heated Charge – If you don’t have Primed Heated Charge.

There isn’t much about this weapon that I would suggest changing.

Non-Recommended Mods:

  • Any Critical Chance enhancing mod. This build is meant to be at near-full status chance and have no critical chance.

Ways to Increase Damage

So normally I would say that there are several ways that companions and frames could enhance damage for a weapon build, but with this weapon…I couldn’t find anything. The only viable way to increase damage for this weapon efficiently is with Rhino’s Roar.

Recommended Arcanes

Recommended Arcanes:

  • Arcane Awakening: On reload, 60% chance for 150% damage to pistols for 24 seconds.
  • Arcane Precision: On Headshot, 100% chance for 300% damage to pistols for 18 seconds.
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