War Mongrels – Technical Issues Guide

Guide to Technical Issues

Common Crash Solutions

  • Please make sure you have a 64 bit system. We do not support 32 bit systems as per store page minimum requirements section.
  • If you are using Riva Tuner or MSI Afterburner software, please try running the game while those are completely disabled.
  • Add an exception for the game’s exe file in your anti-virus software. Some people have reported our exe being flagged as false positive.
  • Please verify integrity of local files through steam (I know this is repeated over and over again, but this seriously happens to work for people).
  • Try running the game as an administrator – navigate to the game folder and find the *.exe file. Alternatively launch Steam as administrator – then Steam will do that for you when you launch the game from it.
  • Make sure your video drivers and system is up to date. If you are using Windows 7 make really sure you do have Service Pack 1 installed, the game won’t run well without it.
  • Disable any 3rd party applications that are involved with rendering (screen captures, recording / streaming software, etc.)
  • Our game communicates through internet with Steam while in main menu, please make sure that no antivirus or firewall software is blocking the game from doing so.

Specific Issues

Steam says “missing executable file”

  • Some antivirus software detects our game *.exe file as a false positive. Some software quarantines it, some delete. Please add an exception for our game to your antivirus software for this to be fixed.

The game crashes with “Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost”

  • This may happen due to GPU being overclocked and not fully stable, so if you do OC, please revert to factory defaults and try playing the game again. Alternatively, limit the framerate in options to 60 and check if the issue persists.

I cannot see the drawn cut-scenes I have a white screen instead

  • This means you most probably do not have Windows Media Foundation components installed. Speaking in English – you do not have Windows Media Player on your system. This usually happens due to your Windows version being the ‘N’ version – which is stripped out of those on purpose. In order to see the movies, you will need to install those components.

Laptops only – game crashes right at startup

If your laptop has double GPU setup – integrated Intel GPU and a dedicated one from AMD or NVidia – you not only need to update the dedicated GPU drivers, but also the integrated GPU ones. Those do not self update, sometimes Windows Update does it, sometimes not. Here are links for downloading Intel Integrated GPU Drivers:

The game launches but nothing can be done in Main Menu (buttons do not work)

  • Properly set up antivirus software, firewall, Windows Defender, BitDefender or other malware protection software and similar. Please add exceptions for our game’s exe file. This issue occurs when the game cannot contact Steam servers and blocks. The game may also be blocked by a router firewall. Alternatively, you may try to run in offline mode, but this will prevent you from playing with other players.

Cursor is a black square

  • Please set your monitor color palette to 32 bit. 16bit is currently not supported. This can be changed through the system or in the driver settings.

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