Waifu Hell – 100% Game (Easiest Way)

How to get 100% game in one single attempt.


Before anything, you must set all your settings to the lowest. This will give you huge advantage against waifus willing to stop your run.

Also, mute the in-game music. It’s decent OST, but after a while, it get tedious.

Just put your own favorite tunes. It makes the experience more enjoyable.


Now, get into the match and jump into space or let the waifus kill you until you get a respawn in this high area.

There you will have full cover, no waifu can kill you.

There’s one single exception, sometimes a waifu will spawn in the opposite far high area, keep constant attention and kill her before she can ruin your lovely streak.

Waifus will get stuck below you, like this:

Now you have to pick 1 second while moving right and left constantly. Get 1 or 2 kills before going back into your safe area. DO NOT attempt to kill all of them at once, theres high chances they can hit you.

If you get hit 4 times, you’re done. Don’t be greedy.

When you finish getting your lovely 100 Frags. Surrender to your waifu harem and let them kill you. (I couldn’t get any spot in the tier list, apparently theres people actually dedicated to this game).


That’s all. Enjoy your lovely 100% game.

BTW lowering your settings won’t give you any kind of advantage. I just wanted to let you experience the truest FPS Arena experience. In the worst of the worst settings possible :]

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