VPet-Simulator – How to Use Your Local AI Model (through Ooba’s Webui)

TL:DR Enable openai extension and use localhost:5001 in place of

Install Oobabooga Text-Generation-Webui

Enable Openai Extension

  • At your oobabooga\oobabooga-windows instration directory, launch micromamba-cmd.bat
  • Go to the extension’s directory by:
cd .\text-generation-webui\extensions\openai
  • Install the requirements.
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Launch webui. At the Session tab, enable openai extension. Apply and Restart afterwards. If everything goes okay, you’ll see this line on your console:
OpenAI compatible API ready at: OPENAI_API_BASE=

Connect to Your Local API

Now it’s time to let our Chibi know how to access our local API.

  • Right click on your character, select System->Settings
  • Under System->Chat Settings, select “Use API requested from ChatGPT”
  • Open the ChatGPT API Settings. Inside the setting panel, set API URL to:

*If you instead set it to you will get SocketException error . I don’t know why, but using localhost in place of makes .Net-kun very happy.

API Key: Can be whatever. Ooba’s webui side does not check this key.

Now you can load the local LLM of your favorite, and talk with your Chibi all the things!

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