Verses of Enchantment – How to Find Wisdom / Death

These last two cards are indeed hidden in the campaign; I do like a mystery. Having said that, it’s not my intention to fustrate any players, so I’ll detail how to get them below.


  • Hint 1: Talk to Thys&Mica one day after having duelled them at least once, In one of their dialogues, they’ll mention Urick…find out what happened to him by talking to other wizards.
  • Hint 2: After hearing Thys lecture Mica about the great wizard Urick, talk to Eakins.
  • Hint 3: Eakins will lead you to Sotiris, who will lead you to Judith in turn.
  • Final Hint: Judith will tell you where Urick is hiding after having a duel for old time’s sake. After the duel the secret island of Caern will be revealed, where Urick is waiting for you. Defeating him will give you the wisdom card.


  • Hint 1: Eliria is waiting for someone dear, but will they ever come? Your type of magic is lacking in something.
  • Hint 2: Your deck is probably lacking in gloom cards.
  • Final Hint: Make a deck with at least 12 gloom cards. Death will show up on the map, defeat them and claim the death card.

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