Vampire Survivors – Almost-AFK 1m+ Per Run Bone Zone with Big Trouser


Keep gold disco rolling, don’t outrun your trail of healing gold + exp, after you get Gorgeous Moon you wont need to run around outside of every few minutes to restart Disco.

Character Settings

Character Settings:

  • Character: Big Trouser
  • Max Weapons: 2
  • Eggs: Yes

Level Settings

Level Settings:

  • Level: The Bone Zone
  • Hyper: Yes
  • Hurry: No
  • Arcanas: Yes
  • Limit Break: Yes


Starting Weapon: 

  • Song of Mana

Second Weapon: 

  • Pentagram (Grab early and level up when possible to avoid accidentally popping Arcana Treasures)


  • Crown
  • Attract Orb
  • Skull O’Maniac
  • Torrona’s Box
  • Empty Tome (Use Armor if you don’t have the eggs to outlast 10m Green Reaper til next Pentagram pop)



  • XV – Disco of Gold (Must take first)
  • XIII – Wicked Season
  • Optional:
  • XX – Silent Old Sanctuary (If struggling with damage from lack of eggs)
  • VIII – Mad Groove


Play Style:

At start of game simply start looking for bags to get gold (and thus healing) up. Then start grabbing EXP to try and level up your Pentagram to 8. Focus on filling up your artifacts as well so you don’t need to waste rerolls.

At minute 10 if your evolution is Gorgeous Moon, just sit back and grab the 11 and 21 minute chests for their arcanas while AFKing whenever you don’t need to put Disco up (Should be quite a lengthy time).

If your evolution is Gorgeous Moon, simply get the next evolution at minute 13 and continue as you would have before.

Once you have the eggs to survive the level guardians you can get the 4 eggs from them (And their artifacts). Personally I just go for the two that increase curse so I can AFK after.

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