Valheim – How to Defeat Eikthyr Boss (Easy Method)

If you have recently bought Valheim and just started playing, chances are you don’t really know what to do. At first, this game may seem like a normal survival game where you build a base, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

You may or may not have heard that there is a story, or at least bosses within the game. This guide will help you defeat the first one, Eikthyr.

How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr (Boss Guide)


There are a total of five bosses within Valheim, and Eikthyr is the first one you have to beat.

Luckily, he is fairly easy as long as you have anything other than the standard club.

In this guide, I will show you how to find Eikthyr’s Altar, how to spawn him, and good strategies for defeating him. When you are done, you will walk away with your first Forsaken Power that will help a lot in the future.

How to Find the Altar

The first step to defeating Eikthyr is to find the location where you spawn him, his Altar.

Each boss has multiple spawn points, and they can be located by exploring, or by finding “Vegvisir” stones.

There will be a “Vegvisir” stone in the spawn area, and it has red glowing runes on it. Look at the screenshot below.

Walk up to the stone and interact with it.

Once you have done that, the location of a nearby Altar will be revealed on the map.

Preparing for the Battle

Eikthyr is fairly easy to defeat. You need to craft some new weapons to do it though.

I recommend getting the flint spear, wooden shield, and crude bow and, if you want, leather armor. These items will turn this boss battle into any other regular battle against normal enemies.

To get these items, you need to upgrade your workbench by building improvements, find flint, and kill deer and boars.

Spawning the Boss

If you are able to craft leather armor before the battle, chances are you also already have the necessary items for spawning the boss.

To do so, you will need 2 deer trophies, which you get by killing deer. Once you have everything you need, and are ready to fight the boss, walk up to the Altar and drop the 2 deer trophies on it.

Eikthyr will then spawn close by.

Strategies for Defeating Eikthyr

Eikthyr has different attacks he can use against you. He will dash towards you, shoot lightning, and create an area around him that will be filled with lightning strikes.

The spear and shield can be used both as melee and ranged weapons, but I recommend using the bow. That way, you can stay away from his attacks and attack from a distance. This will allow you to stay safe and make sure you don’t die.

Keep moving around, and shoot him with your bow whenever you get the chance. Keep doing this until you have defeated him.

Acquiring the Forsaken Power

Once you have defeated Eikthyr, you will get a trophy. Bring it to the spawn area, and place it on his stone. Once you have done that, interact with the stone.

This will give you the first Forsaken Power, which will reduce the stamina consumption when sprinting and jumping for 5 minutes, and has a cooldown of 20 minutes.

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