Valheim – How to Bypass Moving Portal Banned Items

A simple and easy way to bypass the portal restrictions on transporting Metals!

The Basics

To move metal from one portal to another:

  1. Grab the metals you want to move through the portal with.
  2. Click “Esc” and select “Logout”.
  3. From the main menu create a new separate world with the same character.
  4. Enter the new world you made, build and place a chest.
  5. Move the Items into the chest, then logout again.
  6. Enter your main world and go through the desired portal (Since the metals are not in your inventory, you can now use the portal).
  7. Once on the other side of the portal, logout again.
  8. Enter the new world you made in step 3, and retrieve your items.
  9. Logout, and enter your main world one last time.
  10. Congrats! Now you’ve moved your metals to the other side of the portal!

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