Valheim – Helpful Tips

Some useful tricks I’ve picked up while playing.

Getting Fancy Wood Early Leading to a Solid Early Game Weapon

Felling a tree with a tree

Through sheer luck I stumbled upon this trick as I was cutting down trees. One of the regular trees fell down on a fancy tree and knocked it over. My humble flint axe was no match, but tree beats tree.

This method allows you to get the fancy wood bow without getting bronze. For the Fancy wood bow you only need 10 fancy wood, the other wood can be collected with a flint axe in the black forest from pine trees.

First, find a fancy tree at the bottom of a gentle slope, this simply makes the process easier. Then cut down a tree up hill from the fancy tree so that it lands perpendicular to the fancy tree.

It should be set up like this. Next simple enough, just run into the log pushing it down into the fancy tree. This should do damage to the tree.

Now that your log is at the bottom resting on the fancy tree, simply push it back up the slope and rinse and repeat till the fancy tree and its logs are destroyed. This shouldn’t take you long only about five minutes.

Congratulations you now can make the fancy wood bow to use in the next trick.

Cheesing Trolls for Their Skin

There are two ways you will run into troll. Either walking around the surface of the black forest, or in one of their caves.

Surface Trolls

Very simple, using your new fancy wood bow kite the trolls though trees and ruins. Be warned trolls are faster then you unless you are sprinting, however their attacks are easy to dodge.

Just kite them till they get stuck on a tree and shoot them.

Troll Caves

Troll caves are found in the black forest. Like the burial ground you must load into this area. The great thing about these is the Troll will not follow you out of the cave after you attack him. Simply pop in and shoot him a few times then pop out.

Make sure that you pause outside the cave before re-entering as the troll will sit as the entrance for a few seconds before returning to the back of the cave.

Important: Make sure you have over 50 health so you don’t get one shoot.

As long as you have started exiting the cave the troll can do no damage to you. The moment you start exiting you are safe. This extra time can allow you to take an extra shot.

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