Valheim – Fastest Duplication Glitch (Two Players Needed)

Fastest Duplication Glitch Guide

You need two players to use this method!

  1. Have both players in one world and fill a chest with items you want to duplicate, making sure the guest has the same amount of space open on your character. The best chest is the reinforced chest, second is the cart.
  2. The person who is not hosting the world need to have the chest open and ready to click the “Take All button”
  3. The person hosing needs to close the world giving the guest roughly one second to click the “Take All button”. You and your friend should be in a VC together announcing exactly when the server shutdown.
  4. The chest and the guest each should have a copy of the items. This should take roughly a min per dupe.

The reason this works is that the world saves when the host leaves, but the character saves locally. IDK if there is a post about this yet, but I figured this out on my own.

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