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After the first hours of the game you should have a base, leather armor set, a bow and 2 flint axes, this is the next step while skipping a lot of other steps. I didn’t go into a burial chamber(cave) but i showed the loot. Not much so say about them but i do cut hard wood with a troll which looks pretty funny but saves a lot of hours.

All the Good Stuff for Fast Progress

I play alone and it worked great!

The basics are easy to pick up so you can do this anytime. I do recommend bringing a full leather set, 2 flint axes, enough stacks of 3 food types to not die, a hammer to build fires and maybe a spare weapon. I covered the basics in this video.

This is what to do after you reach the basic base building:

All maps are RNG but usually you will find the same stuff on them. You want to find on Black Forrest:

The stone towers for shelter, you make a fire and make sure you always have the rested bonus and 3 types of food eaten, it can get crazy with all the enemies

Copper and tin: you can mark them for now, you can come back later. Copper is a big surface, as big as a house, looks like a big rock. Tin is a small patch in the ground or might resemble a smaller rock. I show them in the video(has time stamps)

Burial sites(caves) usually have skeletons nearby to defend them(or alert you to them). They have a lot of doors so make sure you dont get lost, you will find bone fragments and sutling cores(charcoal klin and smelter). they contain melee skeletons and ghosts, might have other surprises. With the flint axe(level 20+ axe level) and leather armor you won’t have problems

Greydwarves, sometimes they spawn from their nests(you can destroy them, didnt drop anything for me) and they overwhelm you fast with their multiple classes and tiers(normal ones throw rocks too, they also have human sized ones, magic users and others). I usually aggro them and then circle around a big tree or a stone tower. Great farming

You have to find the pines, they drop the core wood, they are slimer and tall, the firs dont have much on them, maybe cones. They are not too common so mark them.

Now the tricky part. Why do we need a troll? Well, normally you have to kill the first boss, get a recipe for a pickaxe….make some of them. Go to the Black forest, try to find the copper and tin ore and then go back to base. Craft a forge and then a bronze axe and then cut down the Birch.

Now, wait for night(trolls are rare during the day) and get a troll to follow you, try to kill smaller enemies gathering near you. It can be hard to find a troll in the forrest and then a birch in the meadows but you have to bring them together. Stay near the troll so he smashes the ground.

And then repeat to produce the fine wood…

With the core wood from the pines and the fine wood + deer hide you can make the fine wood bow and kill the first boss very easy.

you could also start building a portal in your first base which has Flint, deer,boar, lizards, wood and other materials….and link it to a safe area in the meadows next to the black forest.

You can’t bring through the portal certain materials but you can create a full base with smelter and everything you need to make bronze near the black forest.

With your new base connected to the old one, upgraded items and armor( cape and the rest) you can start mass producing to advance even more. You might get attacked here so build a pit surrounding your base.

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