Valheim – Build a Stone Castle Arena (Building Guide)

Build a Stone Castle Arena in Valheim / Building Tutorial

This is the ultimate arena you can build in Valheim that can allow you to organize huge fights in PVE and in PVP.

This Arena Features are:

  • 12 Spawners Rooms (Up to 24 “2 Stars” Draugr/Skeletons)
  • 4 Players Respawn Towers
  • 4 Ellite Viewers Balcony (8 Sits)
  • 8 Standard Viewers Tribune (up to 12 Viewers per tribune & 3 Sits)
  • Staircase to Get from Towers to Arena
  • Staircase to get From Towers to Defensive Wall
  • Portal to each Higher Tower
  • Portal to Arena from each Tower
  • Portal Out on each Higher Tower
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  1. Really like the player prep rooms. Just seeing them gets your heart pumping in anticipation of the challenge.

    The variety of viewing balconies add to the hype around the activity. I would love to see this being used on an active server.

    Lastly, the selling point for me is the ability to control the number of mobs and therefore difficulty of the area. Very clever.

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