Vae Victis – Performance Optimization

General guide for improving game performance.

General Performance Guide

Need help with performance? Here is a general guide to improving your performance in game. Vae Victis has an auto-detect graphics settings prompt. This auto-detection system gives a rough estimate on what your graphics settings should look like. This however isn’t tested across every single system and factors such as other apps running are not accounted for.

First Steps

Please ensure you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card and ensure that no other programs are using too many resources. You can see this in your task manager on windows.

Still having issues?

Start with going to your settings by clicking the cog in the top right corner in the main menu. In game you can also press escape then settings, although under some circumstances you may need to restart the battle you’re in.

These are the primary performance eaters in the game. Disabling all of them will give you maximum performance at the cost of fidelity.

Reflections are the reflections seen in the water. This requires a second camera pass (at a lower resolution) Disabling reflections will see a great increase in performance.

Render details are things like grass and rocks. Although on their own they have low polygon counts together they can take up to half the verts in a scene (depending on how the level is generated). Disabling these will cause a noticeable increase in performance.

Ragdolls should be disabled if you have performance issues when soldiers are killed. These require both rendering and physics computation. Physics calculations stop after a set period of time but if you have frame drops after a soldier is killed disabling this will be beneficial.

Shadows are shadows are calculated in real time, disabling these will cause a major performance buff in all scenarios.

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