Unturned – Tips on Playing Unturned 2.0

You a real gamer? You wanna play hilariously outdated Unturned?

Player Tips

How the ♥♥♥ Do You Play Unturned 2.0?

To play Unturned 2.0, go to properties, beta’s and click “classic”, wait for it to update and then launch Unturned without battle eye anti cheat.

Title Screen

The title screen is different in Unturned 2.0. You may notice a “time” at the top. This is the in game time. You’ll most likely want to idle on this screen until early dawn or late dusk in order to get the most sunlight possible on your first day. Its not fun to constantly die because you started the game in the middle of the night.

You’ll also most likely want to change the settings since the game defaults to the lowest afaik. Just dont use the highest quality of water. It looks nice but tanks your fps to 40.

Heading over to the “Play” section and then “Singleplayer” you’ll notice only 2 maps. PEI and Arena (now called “MONOLITH V2”). Arena does not use the modern day Arena gamemode, instead you spawn at a stone henge looking monument with things like canteens and bows. Then you go into the wilderness and try and rape your friends. You’ll want to play PEI unless you self host a server and then goof around on the arena map. I’m sure you’re aware of PEI. The main differences I can tell in this version is that. Montague is named Burywood and the prison does not exist yet.


You may notice unlike Unturned 3.0 all main vitals are in the bottom middle of the screen. Hunger and thirst also go “up” instead of “down”. Think of them more like how hungry or thristy you are rather than how full you are.

Obviously when health reaches 0, you die. When hunger, thirst or immunity go to 0 you will start taking damage. Energy is used by exerting yourself – running, jumping and performing power attacks. This will regenerate over time or by using things like energy drinks and adrenaline.

First Day

On the first day your main priorities are food, water, weapons and a backpack.

Unlike Unturned 3.0 which uses a “grid” system, U2 uses a simple slot system – the same one used in Nelson’s early game, deadzone. When you start you will only have 4 slots and an item takes up one slot (you can stack items unlike modern Unturned). Yes, that means a piece of cloth takes the same space as a rifle. However, expanding your inventory shouldn’t be hard. Most areas will at least have the most basic backpack, the knapsack. The knapsack isn’t great (only adding an extra four slots) but it’s enough until you get a schoolbag (adding 8 slots) and then a travelpack (12 slots). Bags of higher quality will only be found in military locations. Clothes do not give extra space.

Food and water should be relatively simple. However U2 has no durability system afaik. However, it does have “moldy” foods. Most foods besides anything wrapped or canned will have a moldy variant. However, you can purify the drinks by using purification tablets – similar to purify water from streams or wells in U3.

Speaking of canteens, you should try and acquire one or fabricate one as soon as possible. A canteen needs 1 can and 1 bottled water (large and/or moldy bottled water do not work). A canteen will be a reliable source of water as all wells are clean.

Weapons should be fairly simple, you’ll be able to find things like pickaxes, baseball bats, kitchen knives and katanas (if you’re lucky) in civilian locations. You’ll also be able to get some basic firearms such as the Outfield and Colt. Most other weapons will be at military locations.


The gun system is slightly different in U2.

All guns will have a magazine that they use. This magazine is shown in their bio (clicking left click on the item in your inventory will show it). For example the Colt uses Swift magazines and the Outfield uses Bonjour magazines.

Ammo boxes in U2 do not have a specified amount of bullets in them. The entire box is used by one magazine. Regardless if that magazine is partially empty or fully empty. Because of this, it’s better to expel all the ammunition in a magazine before refilling it.

It’s worth noting that magazines are dropped after reloading, meaning you’ll have to pick them up.

Attachments work the same, use your respective key to customize the sight, magazine or shell (depending on what gun it is) etc.

General Tips

  1. If you find a handsaw, keep it. You’ll need it in future for base building.
  2. You’ll also need an axe or chainsaw and pickaxe for chopping wood and mining rocks (its worth noting campfires need rocks and sticks).
  3. Don’t be dumb.

How to Host a Server for Friends.

Unlike U3, hosting a basic server is simple. You can use LogMeInHamatchi,Radmin VPN, port forwarding or LAN.

Simply go press “host” which is in the play tab and configure the settings and boom! You have a listen server ready to be connecting by your friends or the local crack dealer. Also take note of the port.

For your friends to join (using Hamatchi or Radmin), you’ll have to either tell them to enter “localhost” in the ip or the IP address given by right clicking on your name in Hamatchi/Radmin and clicking “Copy IPV4 address). Also tell them what port it is. Also remember to give them the password of the server if you set one.

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