Underrail – Guide to Better Starting Weapons and Infinite Money (Exploit)

Better Starting Weapons and Infinite Money

This exploit involves using the character export, which allows you to export a levelled character and all their items to a new save.

This system can be used to repeat the starting sequence of taking the credits from your desk, and picking up the gun from the armory.

But the export system takes this much further. If you steal an item in combat mode, then export, you can bring that item in to a new save.

The armory might spawn some high tier loot, but it’s random.

I’ve found a sniper rifle worth 10K, and also pretty much nothing. Junk town is also easy to reach from the start, and has some good places to hit up, too. You can find weapons you won’t be able to get legitimately for hours of gameplay.

If you are collecting oddity XP, you can pick up XP items, and the count resets between restarts,while the XP remains.

If you want an accelerated start, there’s some better weapons and armor. And if you want a pile of cash and resources, just do it several times.

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