Undergrave – Useful Tips and Tricks

Just the tips. Also some gameplay basics.

Tips and Tricks


  • Moving costs a turn = enemies will move.
  • Shoving and attacking things next to you without moving does not cost a turn.


  • You need your sword to kill things well dashing.
  • You can dash past the sword to pick it up and attack anything at or after the sword.
  • Dashing without the sword will go through things leaving them unharmed.


  • You can throw diagonally.
  • You can throw the sword over things leaving enemies unharmed.
  • When you don’t have the sword you can shove things back one space.
  • If you throw the sword at the end of a stage and leave, it will fall onto the next stand and kill something. Seems to be random where it falls and what it kills.
  • If you throw your sword into the void hole that opens at the end of the stage it will give you a green orb and will also drop the sword on an enemy next round.
  • Enemies can stand on your sword unharmed, and a dash/jump to the space will kill them.


  • You can land next to things without the sword and push them, if you push them into the sword they will die.
  • Landing next to something and pushing it will stun them with tiny stars above the head. Each star is a turn it will be stunned for.
  • On the most basic enemy landing next to them with a sword will stun them for 2 turns. without a sword will stun them for 1 turn.

Other Random Stuff

  • If you don’t kill an enemy with a sword basic attack, it will be pushed back one space.
  • The dropped green ball regains 1 ap when you move on or over it with dash.
  • You can use the green balls to charge up extra usable ap points that can be stored for the next stage.
  • One bar will restore 3 ap points.


  • Rats can move twice.
  • Blobs split when killed into tiny blobs.
  • Fire golem explodes on death after 2 turns.
  • Fire golem hurts you if you jump on it and explodes right away.
  • Spiders jump and will hurt you if they land next to you.
  • Spiders will jump out of the way unstunned if you jump next to them.
  • The plant like things are spider eggs and hatch.
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  1. fire golem deals damage to you if you land on them. dashing on them damages you… so its not just “if you jump on them”

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