Treason – Movement Basics

How to use movement to your advantage in Klaus Veen’s Treason.


In Treason, air speed is not capped, this means you can gain speed infinitely in the air.

This can be particularly useful if someone hits you with a shot mid air, their shot can propel you.

If you want to move as fast as possible in Treason, then start using the Sniper Rifle & bunny hop.

Believe it or not, the Sniper Rifle actually has the highest base speed.

  • #1 – 291 Speed: Sniper Rifle
  • #2 – 287 Speed: Baseball Bat
  • #3 – 268 Speed: Unarmed Fist
  • #4 – 255 Speed: Revolver Pistol
  • #5 – 253 Speed: Tommy Sub-Machine Gun
  • #6 – 251 Speed: STG Precision Assault Rifle
  • #7 – 250 Speed: Frag Grenade & Smoke Grenade

You can bunny hop far easier by binding jump to mouse wheel: bind mwheeldown +jump

You can view your speed (velocity) in units per second by enabling this command: cl_showpos 1


In Treason, moving silently may first seem similar to Counter-Strike but it is a lot different.

Crouching is not silent, walking is not silent, & base speed while aiming down sites is not silent.

Crouching is actually louder than walking, so you shouldn’t use it unless it is to peek an off angle.

Do you actually want to be silent while moving around?

The best way to move around silently is to move while walking + aiming.

The Shot Gun & Revolver Pistol are very slow while trying this method.

The Tommy Sub-Machine Gun doesn’t work while trying this method.

  • #1 – 85.8 Speed: STG Precision Assault Rifle
  • #2 – 81.64 Speed: Sniper Rifle
  • #3 – 4.95 Speed: Revolver Pistol & Shot Gun

You can move around silently while crouching + aiming with all guns, however it is very slow.

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