Total War: Warhammer III – How to Disable Chaos Rifts

No Chaos Rifts Guide

Note: For the gamepass version, you need to allow MODS.

Step 1: Download RFPM

Step 2: Unpack and Run RFPM

Click on rpfm.exe in the folder.

Step 3: Open Warhammer 3 Pack File

In the menu click -> PackFile -> open Packfile

Find the data.pack in the Warhammer 3 steam folder.

Step 4: Allow to Save CA Packfiles

Go to preferences.

On the settings tab, tick the Allow Editing of CA Packfiles option and save.

Step 5: Edit the Campaign Lua

Once you have the data.pack open – scroll down and open the following files:

  • Script -> campaign ->wh3_main_chaos_realms -> wh3_realm_common.lua

In wh3_realm_common.lua search for rifts_cooldown

Set these values to 999, and the rift duration to 1.

Rifts should open for 1 turn and then not reopen for 999 turns!

Press ctrl+s or save packfile.

It will take a few minutes to save, just be patient.


Step 6: Alternate Edit Info

Go to line 180 (a bit below the lines in your guide):

return not are_any_rifts_open(true) and (cm:turn_number() == 30 or cm:get_saved_value("ursuns_roar_available"));

Just change the “30” to 999 and the rifts will never spawn in the first place.

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