Tormented Souls – TV Puzzle

How to Solve TV Puzzle

In the Sewer you will find a TV Dial, which you can use on the TV in Caroline’s Bedroom, accessed through the mirror in Sewer Storage Room. You’ll be able to cycle through 12 channels, 5 of which will show an image.

You need to cycle between the 5 images in a particular order, much like a combination lock. Do note that if you over-rotate the dial at all, it will reset the puzzle. Simply turn the TV off and on to try it again. The solution is:

  • Start on the Yin Yang
  • Turn dial right/clockwise 8 times to the Spider
  • Turn dial left/counter-clockwise 5 times to the 4-Leafed Clover
  • Turn dial right/clockwise 7 times to the Tricycle
  • Turn dial left/counter-clockwise 4 times to the Die

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