The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Some Tips for Smooth Gameplay (Update 4.0)

Tips for Smooth Gameplay

Use DX11 instead DX12 (DX12 currently is broken).

In Game Options:

  • disable v-sync
  • set framelimiter to unlimited
  • use Nvidia Reflex + Boost

Nvidia Options:

  • use G-Sync if you have, if u don’t have then skip it
  • use V-Sync ON
  • cap ur frames using nvidia framelimiter 3hz below ur monitor refresh rate (144hz – 141fps / 60hz – 57fps) also u can cap fps to any number just make sure u won’t drop below because your game will not be smooth anymore. I would suggest using RTSS for caping fps.
  • set Ultra Low Latency to ON

That’s all, you should now have smooth buttery gameplay.

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