The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Build Guide (DMG + Sign + Vitality (LVL 100) / Can’t Die

Grants you a second life if your vitality reaches 0. Cooldown is 180s and gives you 100% vitality.

I am lvl 100 in NG+ and this build has saved me countless times from dying, if I even do so.

There is a perfect balance between Sign DMG and Vitality.

I would consider this a kinda late game build because the specific armor sets I use are grandmaster legendary. But if you go for the diagrams early in the game you will be able to have this build as soon as you are the level cap for that armor piece or sword.

This build has:

  • 7350 vitality.
  • 5976 DPS Silver sword.
  • 5070 DPS Steel sword.

Justification of Items Chosen

This build uses Feline gear set because it has resistance to all types of damage. And because of the 5/6 witcher gear equipped bonus, which is “Strong attacks increase fast attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of set (Current bonus: 50%)” I have picked the Aerondight simply because it has the highest damage when it’s level 40.

Superior Petri’s Philter gives you more sign intensity, although there are not that many sign perks. I have queen sign, my favorite, however the queen sign does have the most important upgrades for it. This build has a lot of vitality, in combination with the superior swallow and second life, it is easy to not die against pretty much every enemy. We also have cat school techniques which increases damage for light armor (Feline is light). Superior Full Moon gives you even more vitality. You can play fairly aggressive with this build as long as you keep recharging the queen sign. In my NG+ on Death March most enemies still 2 or 3 hit me, that’s why second life comes in clutch very often. Some axemen with large axes can pretty much 1 hit me.


  • Grandmaster Legendary Feline Armor
  • Grandmaster Legendary Feline Trousers
  • Grandmaster Legendary Feline Gauntlets
  • Grandmaster Legendary Feline Boots


  • Grandmaster Legendary Feline Steel Sword (Steel)
  • Aerondight (Silver)
  • Ursine crossbow (doesn’t really matter)


  • Superior Swallow
  • Superior Petri’s Philter
  • Superior Full Moon
  • Superior Blizzard


At the runewright I also upgraded my Steel Sword and Chestplate for additional abilities.

On steel sword: Replenishment “After you cast a sign, an adrenaline point is consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that sign”

On chestplate: Retribution “Gives a 30% chance of returning a portion of the damage received to the attacker”

Most important item that must be used for the build to work – The Professor’s Spectacles!

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