The Riftbreaker – Can Not Find Mission Quest Mob (How to Fix)

Can Not Find Mission Quest Mob Solution

For those who get this error or can not find the needed mob due to not spawning error.

  1. You can spawn those via cheat menu, for windows open console, press `
  2. Then copy this: cheat_enable_debug_menu 1
  3. Right click console so it will paste it, press enter.
  4. Close console, press F11 and spawn the one you need, they will come in as a wave so wait a little.

For my case it was the first uranium mission and stregaros unit.

Stack traceback:

[C]: in function ‘Assert’
lua/graph/interface/interface_minimap_show_zone.lua:34: in function
LUA SCRIPT: lua/graph/interface/interface_minimap_show_zone.lua
ASSERTION FAILED: ERROR: could NOT find entity with name: stregaros_unit

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