The Outlast Trials – New Reagent Tips

A guide for new player’s.

Guide for Newcomers


Tip 1

When opening a trapped door you could open it slowly causing the trap to not activate. Or you could crouch then open the trapped door making the lil cross spear thing miss you. but doing so will use the trap’s battery so you can not take it out and use it to regain battery charge.

This is what a trapped door will look like from both sides.

Tip 2

When opening a non locked health cabinet or normal cabinet or toolbox, sometimes the hcabinet/ncabinet/toolbox will be trapped that will give you some psychosis. To avoid this back away quickly. After the smoke clears you can go back to looting. This is what all the trapped objects look like.

Tip 3

When near a landmine it will beep causing you to think its a proximity mine. But its not. Which means you could jump over and still not cause it to activate (sorry for making the screenshots look like youtube reaction thumbnail).

Misc Tip’s

Tip 1

When your friend is being pounced on or being attacked or executed you could throw a bottle.

Or a brick at the attacker to stop the attacker from doing anymore damage.

Tip 2

Never do solo. At least until you level up more.

Tip 3

Always talk to your teammates. Communication is key. Even if you don’t have a mic you can still use the little voice line menu and ping system.

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