The Knight Witch – Secret Story Notes Guide (Overview and Locations)

Found that one note page on the bookshelf, alluding to the Knight Witches’ past, and wondering where to find more? Read on for more information…

Guide to Secret Story Notes


Howdy everyone! The Knight Witch has released recently, and with it a host of fun things and secrets to discover. One such detail that has no ties to achievements are the secret notes, dotted around Dungeonidas; a couple of hints here and there are dropped regarding their existence, on who initially wrote them, and you might easily find one of them on your own, poking around someone’s house for Shards or Cards. The others are more deviously hidden, and have no indicator on where they are, save for big button-prompt when you’re close enough to read them. Without guidance, you’d need to comb the levels to try and find their locations, and the best pattern I could glean on where they appear is that there can’t be any persistent threats around, presumably to stop any weirdness with trying to read and being attacked when distracted.

To the best of my knowledge, there are six notes scattered around Dungeonidas, bolted to walls for some reason. If, on posting this, others have notes they’ve found that aren’t on here, I’ll update the guide to show where to find those other notes, along with their contents, and a credit to the folks who found ’em when I did not.

For now, let’s get to the important part, in my mind at the least: the locations of the notes!

Note Locations

As mentioned previously, these notes have no visual tell on where they’ll be. My initial thought was they’d be close to important landmarks, but in retrospect it’s likely that they’re placed in locations that have no persistent threat from enemies, allowing you to read in peace. The locations are as follows:

Hall of Giants, inside a small building next to a skull sign – you need to clear all threats before the door will open.

  • Giga Tree, next to a house beneath the Skeleton Baker.
  • Mirror Lake, to the right of a large metallic sphere held in place by ice.
  • Forge Fields, in the bottom-right of the room housing Sykra’s statue.
  • Hall of Giants, in the top-right of the room housing Robyn’s statue
  • Town Market, in the tunnel leading to the Catacombs; in the elbow of the tunnel with a wooden lattice.

I shall also provide map visuals of these locations, shown below.

Note Contents (Backstory Spoilers Start Here!)

Now, if you’re like me, you’ll wanna see the story in the flesh (or on the li’l scraps of bolted-down pieces of paper), so I’ve already provided the info needed to find these notes in-game, in the order you’ll be best able to discover them during the progression of the game.

However, if you’re the sort who needs back-story prior to entering the game, don’t want to go and find the notes again, or don’t have the game installed after beating it, I’ve gotcha covered! Ahead are the contents of the six secret notes, detailing information regarding the Knight Witches.

Secret Story Note #1

The TurboWizards and the Gaia Defenders were absolute failures. People didn’t take them seriously – the superhero approach is clearly missing something.

The only team in training that seems to be doing well is the Knight Witches. I knew it, of course. That’s why we have market studies!

We have to make sure we stick to the Knight Witch concept, though. Once we give them Gaia’s Tears, there’s no going back!

Secret Story Note #2

Faruru. Previous occupation: Doctor/Nutritionist.

She has basic healing abilities, even at her current Link levels. If we can make her popular enough, she might be key to keeping the other KWs alive and healthy. Her personality and looks are quite boring, though. We’ll have to make her stand out.

Recommendation: Play the Gaia card. Make her look natural, shamanistic. We obviously appeal to the environmentalist community. Let’s exploit that.

Alias: The Shaman. The Druid. The Wild. Not wild.

Secret Story Note #3

Irine. Previous occupation: Witch.

Only KW with experience in spellcasting. Can help the others in that area.

Selling point: her beauty. We need one KW with classic beauty, at least.

Possible Alias: Irene the Beautiful. The Enchantress. The Mystic.

She keeps rejecting every alias. She liked the Trickster because it appeals to her intelligence. Not the best choice… but it’s not bad.

Secret Story Note #4

Sykra. Previous occupation: Firefighter.

She and Robyn are the only ones with real experience in life-threatening scenarios. She’s also the only one that scores really highly in Body Type on our diversity chart. Not too high on Ability, though… she needs something that only she can do.

We’ll make a cool weapon for her – that should be enough. It’ll also complement her sturdy looks. She won’t stand out as much as Robyn or Irine, but she’ll do fine.

Secret Story Note #5

Contract Amendment between Robyn and The Underground City of Dungeonidas.

Per Robyn’s petition, the other KWs will be allowed to live outside the Castle. They won’t have any regular public obligations, though they must still make appearances on special occasions.

In return, Robyn agrees to the following:

  • She must live in the Castle at all times.
  • She has to make at least three public appearances per month, as decided by Dungeonidas.
  • She must never stain The Venerable’s reputation.
  • She is not allowed to have romantic or strong personal relationships that might influence her behaviour.

Failure to comply with any of these points will result in the Unchained Protocol being activated, and the removal of Robyn’s Link.

Secret Story Note #6

Rayne. Previous occupation: Farmer.

We weren’t looking to have a fifth member, but her Link levels, even before recruiting, were off the charts. Maybe she has a great compatibility with the Link? Maybe she’s just naturally heroic?

Unfortunately, it’s not going to work. Robyn and Rayne, they just sound too similar. It creates confusion, and we can’t risk Robyn not being the strongest one.

Recommendation: Stop promoting Rayne and eventually remove her from the team. Spreading the Link too thin between five Knight Witches was a bad idea anyway.

A somewhat-stark view into the inception of the Knight Witches, providing a contrast to how you meet them in the present day.


A nice and simple guide to start rounding out the Guides section for The Knight Witch in a way that might appeal to people here and beyond. Hopefully this doesn’t get filched by content-farm websites; I won’t keep a sharp eye out, I can’t be arsed with that… ond gallwn i newid o Saesneg i Gymraeg i ‘neud e’n hawddach i dangos pwy di’r lladron mas ‘na! Anyway… apologies for that sudden swap of languages, my mind wanders when I get a project done. Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys have fun playing The Knight Witch too!


  1. I’ve read one about Robyn that’s not listed here too, but can’t remember the location annoyingly. Talks about her background as a soldier.

  2. You’re missing one note!

    There’s another one in the catacombs. There is a big room with an arched ceiling. In the middle of the ceiling, there’s a note about the tears of gaia, and it changes a LOT about the lore. 🙂

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