The Far Rings: A Space Opera Visual Novella – A Striking Resemblance Achievement Guide

How to get A striking resemblance achievement.

How to Obtain A Striking Resemblance Achievement

My Sad Story

So, while playing I actually figured out there is no guide for this achievement. Or I was too lazy to seek more attentively. Anyway, since it was the last one to get, I just went through the sources, lucky me the authors didn’t manage to encrypt them. The thing I like about renpy and indie VNs.

Aaaand that’s my sad story. Thanks for reading I guess. I’m just leaving the guide here in case it’ll save someone their time.

How to Actually Get It

You just name the robo-cleaner either one of these:

  • Odi Jr.
  • Odi jr.
  • Odijr
  • Odi
  • Odysseus
  • Odysseus Jr.
  • Odi Junior

And then, you must talk to the captain during the second day, so that the main character tells him the junior-captain’s new name.

That’s it! Hope it helped. Have a great day.

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