The Escapists 2 – How to Leave Cougar Creak Railroad

This is a guide that will teach you how to escape Cougar Creak Railroad, the first transport prison.

Guide to Leave Cougar Creak Railroad

Step 1: Peek About

The first step is quite simple, in 2 of the cells there is a paper you can read which gives you a escape tip. We are going to do the My Little Phony escape in this guide.

Step 2: Gathering Materials

The second phase is to gather the materials to make a pretend carrot which will allow you to escape. You will need a Handkerchief and an Orange and Green Pen. All the materials can be found on the back or front of the train.

Step 3: Avoiding Guards

The thing about these transport prisons is that there are no inmates but you, and the guards keep a close eye on you at all times. So, to get anywhere or get anything, you need to learn there set path, then find a loop hole in between. Doing this will allow you to get around them and not getting knocked out.

Step 4: Escaping

These 3 steps asses what you will need and need to do to escape this prison. First, craft pretend carrot. Next, avoid the guards to get to the horse. Finally, hop on the horse and escape.

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