The Callisto Protocol – Guide to Skip Intro/Splash Screens

How to Guide to Skip Intro/Splash Screens


  • Go to the folder where you have the game installed.
  • Mine on Steam is:
    • D:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Callisto Protocol\TheCallistoProtocol\Content\Movies
  • In that folder you can delete or rename the following files
  • Delete or rename these files:
    • AMD_Logo_4K.bk2
    • Bink_Krafton_SDS_Logos.bk2
    • Intro_logo_Krafton_SDS.bk2
    • Krafton_SDS_logos_4k.bk2
    • Unreal_InstaLOD_logos.bk2
    • Unreal_Logo_4K.bk2
    • Wwise_InstaLOD_Logos_4K.bk2

Example of renaming a File

  • Original File – AMD_Logo_4K.bk2
  • Renamed File – AMD_Logo_4K.bk2.backup
  • Just add .backup to the end of all the files I listed

Enjoy the game.

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