The Bloodline – Beginners Tips

Devs invite you to join official Discord, where the community will be more than happy to help you resolve any further questions or problems.


  • Tab – Quick menu
  • CAPSlock – Quick Skill menu
  • T – Sheathe/Unsheathe weapon
  • Z key – Quickslot menu
  • R key – potion inventory
  • F key – Use grappling hook
  • E/Q key – when grappled, climb up or slide down the rope
  • N key – Spontaneous Ragdoll (it is a skill and it does damage to enemies and not you!)
  • X – Sneak; ? is hidden, ! means you’ve been seen.
  • U – Quicksave


  • There are no plans for multiplayer features at this time. Couch coop/split-screen is a possibility, but is not a priority.
  • Talk with Geoffrey to receive your first mount! You can summon it through the inventory, by clicking on the lion’s head icon.
  • To read a Runeword you must be sitting first.
  • Resources can be gathered from glowing nodes around most non-city zones. You will have to use a bit of common sense to locate them (the best mining probably isn’t in a marsh, and you might not find many trees in a mountain gulley).
  • You do not need any tools to harvest common resources (i.e. a pickaxe to mine, an axe to chop wood) you just need to activate the resource node with your interaction button of choice, the default is ‘E’.
  • You can use cheat codes in the Bloodline for specific purpose or just for fun.
  • Wood bundles are not currently in the game.
  • While walking in the overworld, If you press the MMB on the title of a location of interest, you can see if you have active quests in that area.
  • To climb, you need to have no weapon equipped: approach a wall, sheathe your weapon with ‘T’ and then press space while holding ‘W’.
  • To leave the overworld map, you need to “camp” (middle button) in an area, or press “E” if you’re near a village/city.
  • Pressing F (Swing) while grappled, will launch your character in the direction you are looking (Unless the grapple is below you, then you will be pulled towards your grapple point)! So if you’re climbing up the rope, and you look up and press F, you’ll launch yourself upwards and you can land on the ledge!

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