Tetropunk – Forcing Controller Support

If you’ve purchased this game and attempted to play it, then you too have discovered that Tetropunk somehow completely lacks controller support. Considering that the game’s been out for years at this point, there’s no reason to think it’ll ever be added, and that’s a shame because it’s otherwise a nice little Tetris clone. But fear not, all ye who desire controllers! There is a solution!


The key to everything is a program called AntiMicroX. This program allows you to map the game’s designated keyboard controls onto the controller of your choice, rather than actually putting controller configurations into the game itself. In other words, this program is like a messenger between the controller and the keyboard, so when you press a button on the controller it will run over to the keyboard and tell it, “The player hit [corresponding control].”

Once you download the zip file, extract the files to wherever you want, then go in and hit the .exe file in the bin folder.

If you see this screen when you start it, it just means your controller isn’t on/plugged in.

Now all we have to do is map Tetropunk’s original controls…

Onto your chosen controller (in my case an Xbox 360 controller).

I chose the D-pad for movement and A for the rotation button, but obviously you can pick any button setup you want want. Now all that’s left is to save this configuration (just call it Tetropunk) and store it wherever you want.

And that’s it, you’re done! Now all you have to do is have AntiMicroX running (with this configuration selected) whenever you play Tetropunk, and you can use a controller exactly how you want to! Unfortunately you will still have to occasionally use the mouse to click the point bonuses (if you care about them), but even so I’ve found the game MUCH more enjoyable now that I can use a controller. I hope this opens up the fun for you too!

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