TerraTech – Combat Tank

So, whats a combat tank? Well this guide will tell you blocks to add, and what you need to make the enemy think not to attack!


A great idea for GSO and VEN is that they will not work for a battle tank in terms of their blocks, but early tanks can use GC and HE and mid tanks use BF and RR and final tanks can be made of any of the mentioned.


Many may think GC octo blocks are the best, i think not. they are trash to their smaller kind, they have less room to put shields/guns/power/wheels, and are weaker then their smaller kind. anyways. i am sure these blocks will be good for early techs looking for tanky blocks and big builds.

HE 1, 2, 4, 6 blocks

These are core blocks for early-mid game techs, they will fit with how powerfull they stand to GC.


I see GSO will yet to show what they can be put on a battle tank. but GC and HE will take their shields in front

GC armor

GC has good starter blocks, but the same can be said to their armor, they are the first armor and can be used early, i put this infront of GSO because GSO armor is unlocked when you get HE armor

HE armor

HE armor is much better then the GSO armor you get from the same tier. this armor can protect agenst annything and is the best armor is Terra Tech


Wheels will give VEN a chance, but so will it to GC, HE, and RR

GC wheels

These wheels are good for starters, their is no need to say more, as you know

VEN wheels

Good to make fast techs as well as big techs. they can be used once you dont want GC wheels

HE wheels

If you are a real tank, you will use these wheels, and not the small ones. and a real tank will use the big tracks or the big dady ones

RR wheels

The best corp has got some wheels for smaller tanks, but these wheels are strong because this right now, is the last corp


A real Combat Tank will use real guns! let it be known, GSO, VEN, HE, and RR are to be here for this show

GSO 3 pound cannon – pom cannon – big bertha

A starter tank is in love with 3 pound cannons, only being tier 2 makes for an easy level to get some to add the your Combat Tank, but for a while, you use VEN and HE guns, then tier 5 hits, rom cannons are everywhere! use this to a bonus! get a big tank, add pom cannons. And while your adding, add a bertha or 2.

VEN rockets, and cannons

Once you get tier 2 VEN, you have some rockets. use em and see them have home target and eat at enemy blocks/armor, and at tier 3, you get cannons. fast cannons. use them at destory at sky rate

HE bombs, and cannons, and the machine gun

At Tier 3, you get bombs to target the enemys and cannons to flame enemy shields. but the battle ship cannon is by far the best of the cannons. the machine gun will also flame enemy shields.

RR wepons (all)

Try to prove me wrong all the wepons in this corp are OP, well maybe not the fireworks.


BF finaly has a role in tanks, and VEN is here to

VEN plane gear

A tank may not use plane gear, but VEN has gotten away with plane tanks

BF hover gear

Even its cab flys, BF has the best of hovers and is best in the sky. and its no wonder how they ended up best future in the world.

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