Terraria – Surviving Your First Night (Tips & Tricks)

This guide will walk you through how to survive your first night in Terraria.

How to Survive Your First Night


(I am trying to give a detailed explanation, I am not call you a noob).

You should have a selection of tools in your hot bar. Equip the axe looking tool, it’s a copper axe, and go to a tree. Press and hold until the tree gives you wood and disappears.

Then equip the wood and make a shelter or house for yourself. It does not have to be perfect or wood, you could make a dirt house.


By now you should have seen a person in your world. He helps you with crafting recipes and gives you advice on what you should do depending on your health level and how far you have progressed into the game.

If you see a cute little blob of slime, they can be green, blue, and purple, don’t touch it. Depending on what world you have chosen, like for instance Expert Mode, will impact on how badly the slime will hurt you if it touches you. You can choose to avoid it or kill it.

If you have had enough time to craft a wooden sword, which is better than your starter sword, then use that to hurt and kill the slime. If you haven’t crafted that yet then use your pickax or axe to kill the slime.

After you kill it, it will drop gel which you can use to craft torches. Bunnies, birds, squirrels, and worms will not hurt you.


Hours in Terraria are minutes in the real world and minutes in Terraria are seconds in the real world. Terraria follows the “24 hour” format, so you have about 16 minutes of daytime before nightfall. If you want to stay alive the entire night, stay inside your shelter.

If you see no monsters out, like zombies and demon eyes which are floating eyes, then I would recommend that you light the place up with torches. You can craft campfires to slightly increase health regeneration incase you get hurt. If you have sunflowers around then plant them by your house and they will increase your speed.

Even if you do die during the night, you will still get the achievement for surviving your first night.

You Survived The Night… Hopefully

Your decisions effect how your night will go but if you stay inside throughout the night, I hoped you kept your doors closed, then you have most-likely survived the night.

The next night should be the same but during the day, you should really explore your surroundings. Be sure to check chests, they could have good weapons or equipment in them. Same thing with pots, plus I like the breaking noise of the pots (=

Have Fun!

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