Terraria – Defeating the Wall of Flesh

This is a guide to defeating the Wall of flesh!

How to Defeat the Wall of Flesh (Boss Guide)

The Runway

As you may know, the runway is probably one of the most important parts of the Wall of Flesh. You might be able to kill WoF without a platform, though this might require movement accessories and/or mounts to do.

To make your platform, chop down a LOT of trees and make at least 1500 platforms. Head to the underworld and go to either edge. It doesn’t matter which edge you choose. begin a bridge and go all the way to the 2/3 point on the other side. If you encounter an obsidian/hellstone house, simply mine through it.


As you may already know, you must summon the Wall of Flesh by throwing a guide voodoo doll into a lava pit. You can get this voodoo doll by killing a Voodoo Demon, a rare enemy found in hell. Note that this enemy CANNOT be spotted by the lifeform analyzer, despite being a fairly rare enemy.

The Actual Fight

Now onto the actual fight. For your armor, I’d recommend Molten for melee, Necro for ranged, Jungle for magic, and Bee for summoner. Doing Wall of Flesh with pre-hardmode melee weapons is very difficult, due to most weapons being true melee.

I recommend going with Beenades for melee, as although they are not a melee weapon, they are efficient against the wall. For ranger class, minishark is a good weapon to choose. Also, if you have the ammo, you can use the star cannon to shred the boss. For mage class, water bolt is a good option. Its piercing capabilities can ignore the hungries and focus on the wall itself. For summoner, you should use the imp staff and a spinal tap.


The Wall of Flesh is a difficult bossfight, and it will take some time to defeat it. Those who do will have to suffer the pain that is early hardmode. Bye

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