Team Fortress 2 – How to Play Crit-Scunt with Wrap Assassin

This guide explains how to get crits with the Wrap Assassin in Crit-Enabled servers without the use of third party cheats/scripts, just the source spaghetti of the game itself.

How To Initiate Unlimited Criticals With Wrap Assassin Bauble

The purpose of this guide is to teach users how to gain unlimited crits with the ‘Wrap Assassin’ (Ranged Flava) in crit-enabled servers.

Because the mechanics of this particular weapon are already pretty bad, and in game use is more viable as an annoyance then an actually well preforming, practical and worthwhile choice of a weapon, having this hidden “improvement” will no doubt allow much more fun and interesting gameplay. Please note this exploit doesn’t give melee swings crits, just the projectile.

In-Game Initiation

  1. Select the scout class and equip the Wrap Assassin, it is located in the Melee section of your loadout.
  2. To gain unlimited crits, swap to your Melee weapon (3 or via mouse wheel) and swing once, (MOUSE1) then press MOUSE2 (secondary attack) to throw the bauble. The attack should be the crit-boosted variant, and this bonus applies for all succeeding attacks as well.
  3. Occasionally, some attempts may fail: This is due to random, unsolved issues. If the above method doesn’t immediately work, try changing classes for a short while (No gameplay in different classes are needed, just a simple, short term swap) then swap back to Scout and preform the ladder actions in the same manner.
  4. The bonus carries throughout death, indefinitely from what I can tell (dying, respawning and dying again) and will only need to be re-initiated when changing servers, classes or booting up the game after closing it.
  5. This exploit only works in Random Crit-Enabled servers so competitive play and community servers with crits disabled will render this trick unusable. Its more or less just a funny mechanic I noticed after first buying and using the weapon for the short while I have.

Enjoy The New “Ranged Flava”, and Have Fun!

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