Team Fortress 2 – General Tips

A simple set of tips that can improve your gameplay experience. This contains class-specific tips as well as general tips that apply to all classes.

General Tips That Can Improve Your Gameplay Experience

Scout Tips

  • Your fast speed as a Scout makes you ideal for flanking, as well as a hard to hit target.
  • Mobility is your most powerful tool. Use your double jump and any other movement abilities to catch your enemies off-guard.
  • Many of Scout’s unlockables allow for extra mobility, such as the Force-A-Nature, the Soda Popper, the Winger, and the Atomizer. Try using the extra mobility to your advantage.
  • Your melee is weaker than any other stock melee in the game, but swings considerably faster.
  • You are weak at long range, but can easily kill most classes at close range using your scattergun

Soldier Tips

  • Soldier has a slow walking speed compared to most classes, but his rocket jump makes him surprisingly mobile.
  • You do not have to land direct hits to deal damage. You can shoot rockets at an enemies feet to ensure that they can’t easily dodge them. The only exception to this rule is the Direct Hit.
  • Use your shotgun against Pyros to avoid having your rockets reflected.
  • Your rockets can launch opponents into the air, giving them little ability to strafe or dodge. When your enemy is in this airborne state, you can easily finish them off with a rocket or shotgun blast.
  • The unlockable banners allow you to support you and your teammates at the cost of your shotgun.

Pyro Tips

  • Similarly to the Scout, Pyro is weak at long range, and therefore must flank his opponents to deal significant damage.
  • Learn to airblast. You can use airblast to reflect projectiles such as rockets and grenades, extinguish burning teammates, and push enemies away from you.
  • Pyro’s unlockable flare guns allow him to attack enemies at a distance and deal considerable damage to opponents.
  • Your flamethrower is the most effective weapon in the game for spychecking, as a single puff of fire will ignite a disguised or invisible spy, revealing him.
  • You can use the homewrecker or the neon annihilator to remove sappers from friendly buildings, allowing you to further thwart spies.

Demoman Tips

  • Demoman’s projectiles make him powerful at medium range, but can be a hazard to him at close range.
  • You can detonate a sticky bomb under your feet to sticky jump.
  • You can attack opponents who are out of your sight by bouncing grenades off of walls.
  • Your grenades will not detonate on impact if they hit the ground first.
  • Demoman has a wide variety of long melees, as well as shields that allow him to charge at his enemies at high speeds. There is a subclass of Demoman that relies on melee weapons, known as Demoknight.

Heavy Tips

  • Heavy is a high health, medium range class with a high damage output, but a low speed and large frame that make him vulnerable to spies and snipers.
  • You are the ideal medic buddy. Be sure to protect and support your medic.
  • Equip the sandvich to heal yourself and your teammates when no medic is present.
  • Next to the Demoman, the Heavy has the most varied melee selection of any class. Experiment with different melees.
  • You are most effective when coordinating with teammates.

Engineer Tips

  • Engineer is a defense-oriented character with support-based abilities. As an engineer, you will not spend much time fighting. Rather, your buildings will be doing most of the work for you.
  • Place your dispenser in a place where your teammates can safely reach it.
  • Build teleports to help your teammates get to the fight faster.
  • If you are going for a more offensive playstyle, use the gunslinger or the jag to build sentries faster.
  • When building a nest, build a dispenser first to give yourself a steady supply of metal.

Medic Tips

  • As a Medic, your goal is to heal your teammates to prevent them from dying. As such, you are weak in combat alone.
  • Stay close to your teammates, and allow them to fight for you. Your weapons are a last resort.
  • Stay near a powerful class who can protect you.
  • Look out for red cross symbols. These show teammates who are calling for a medic. The darker they are, the lower the player’s health.
  • Your Übercharge can turn the tides of a battle. Build Übercharge by healing teammates, and then deploy it in order to make both you and your heal target invincible.

Sniper Tips

  • Sniper excels at long range, and can quickly eliminate key targets, but suffers at close range.
  • Avoid staying in one place for too long, as your enemies will find you easily if you don’t move for long enough.
  • You are a valuable target to the enemy team, and are especially weak to Spies. Consider equipping the SMG to deal with close range targets.
  • The jarate can help you track Spies, and causes enemies to take mini-crits when doused in it.
  • Try to eliminate powerful, important enemies such as Medics and Heavies.

Spy Tips

  • Spy can disguise as enemies, and turn himself invisible temporarily. His knife instant-kills from behind. However, he has low health and a weak ranged weapon.
  • When disguised, try to blend in with the enemy team.
  • Avoid the player you are disguised as, as they will instantly recognize that you are a spy.
  • Avoid Pyros, as they can easily give you away.
  • Use your invis watch to escape if your cover is blown.

General Tips

  • Situational awareness is an all-too-useful skill as any class. Keep an eye out for any threats.
  • Cooperate with your teammates to attack and defend.
  • Practice makes perfect. Keep at it, and you’ll get better.
  • Switch weapons depending on the situation, such as the composition of the enemy team, and the map you’re playing on.
  • Read the loading screen tips for more advice.

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