Tainted Grail – Endless Power Pathfinder Guide

A guide to inflict absurd damages with minimal math and to make your enemies realize it’s not worth it.

Guide to Endless Power Pathfinder


  • Do you want to bonk monsters in the head for 10k damage?
  • Do you hate complicated math with armor, barrier and health?
  • Do you want to finish legendary fights in 3 turns?

Let’s do it, buckle up homie, we’re about to be gaming.

It’s Simple

With the Pathfinder we can quickly (and indefinitely) stack up damage % with the Focus buff as long as we don’t get Hit. Easy. I’ve got 3 points down here for you.

  • He block he attack but most importantly he don’t do math.
  • We’ll be focusing on blocking hits. In the lategame a single block can block a single monster’s hit for INFINITE damage, which makes picking health or armor as reward completely irrelevant… and wrong. Big nono. Also, if we get hit once and loose focus we might as well surrender and restart the run.
  • With that in mind we’ll go full glass cannon by picking ONLY damage as reward.
  • That alone won’t be enough. A classic Attack for 100% damage will take forever to hit for a decent amount later on. The card we’re going to build our entire deck around is Onslaught, as it can skyrocket our damage to infinity and beyond with its %-based scaling.
  • We don’t do math, school is over. We’re going to only count the number of hits we’ll receive, not the amount. One hit for 2milion damage? 1 block and we’re good. 15 attacks? 15 Blocks. You get the idea. Do everything you can to block all hits, if you feel you won’t have enough blocks the answer might simply be to kill a monster. Always check the Onslaught damage.

Offence is the best defence.

The Deck

The one c-c-combo is simple, it literally requires 3 cards

Insight + Lopsided Pairing + Onslaught

  • Without any passive whatsoever that’s 3 energy for 6 blocks and 1 Hit for 475% damage.
  • On later waves you’ll probably play and cycle through so many card in one turn you’ll have 20 blocks, +1k% damage for Focus and Onslaught 3-4 times too, why not.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Keep your deck small, not too teeny-tiny because we’ll be drawing a lot and you can’t draw if your deck is empty on your turn.
  • Crippling Attack and Shield Slam are great early game to help with the lack of blocks, but don’t over do it because some enemies will be immune.
  • Grab 0 energy cost stances like Preparation and Refreshing Breeze to cycle through your deck by building up your Ultimate.

This was my very first Endless run and I didn’t realize you can’t get rid of cards after a certain number of waves. I would definitely get rid of some other cards like Small Strikes and Crippling Attack, and maybe even a Block or two if I had some extra Lopsided Pairing.


Passives are incredibly important to survive the early game, but once you’re maxxed out it becomes kind of impossible to keep track of all of them. In the screenshot I’ve highlighted the ones I feel have the highest value or could even be consider mandatory for the run.

Scary Folks

The monster we need to keep an eye on are those that ramp up their number of hits.

Not the damage itself. We don’t care if a monster goes from dealing 10 damage on turn 1 to 100.000 later in a single hit, or if one heals or shields, we’ll ramp up and smack them in the head.

But we simply cannot afford to have enemies go from 3x hits to 20x as we’ll have a limited amount of blocks available.

The End-Less

Block, bonk, repeat. And also get bored at wave 50 because every combat is the same and just abandon the run like I did.

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