System Shock – Boss Tips

Here you can find few boss tips on the funny Edward and robot spider bosses.

Tips to Boss

If you don’t carry or use those weapons…

  • You can activate target identifier during the short cutscene. Helps to keep track of boss HP, and the higher level implant lets you identify weakpoints, AND ALSO what weapon they’re about to use.
  • EMP grenades help immensely with or without the launcher. Launcher gets them out quicker, but you can stunlock bosses with thrown EMP.
  • Reflex + staminup are your friends.
  • Railguns are also your friend, but watch for the cooldown.
  • Magpulse ruins shields.
  • Rocketboots can be used to dodge rockets, but my experience is the bosses can lead their shots, so it’s best to wait until they fire then switch direction.
  • Energy shield helps, especially against the plasma bolt or whatever that reavers shoot.
  • Skorpion is surprisingly effective at all points, but you need to get in close.
  • Both Reavers and Diego have a powerful melee attack, so if they’re not recovering from EMP it’s best to keep your distance.
  • Use cover if available, but be aware that you can still be hit by rockets.
  • It’s fun to finish bosses off with your last remaining clip of magnum ammo.
  • Sparqbeam provides reliable, high damage on overcharge, but is a significant drain on the energy you probably need for shields and rocketboots.
  • You can set up mines before the fight in a lot of cases, but be aware that if the boss takes damage during the cutscene, they’ll immediately open fire on you before you regain control.


I don’t particularly like the rapier, but that’s just my preference. It’s pretty OP when used with bezerk, reports from other players are that you can stun the boss with an EMP grenade then move in for the kill with the rapier + bezerk.

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