SWTOR – Casino Guide

This is a simple guide made for relatively new players who want to have a bit of ‘fun’ if they don’t feel like doing missions.

Where to Find the Casino?

Note: Credit goes to Zeus

The casino is located on the planet Nar Shaddaa, you can access this planet once you get your own starship very early on in the game.

Once you arrive on the planet, exit the hanger and travel to the Star Cluster Casino via taxi.

What to Do?

There’s not a lot to do in the casino but it’s definitely worth checking out as you could earn some pretty cool looking things for your player & companion from a low level.

Below you’ll find all the different casino chips, slot machines and misc activities (I’ll get it to whenever).

Casino Chips & Slot Machines

How to purchase chips:

You can only buy 2 types of chips from the hospitality droid, the last one I’ll go into more detail below. When you’re at star cluster casino look for a droid and there you’ll be able to purchase as many chips as you want, as long as you have money to throw.

Note that if you purchase a chip you will only get 1 & if you accidentally purchase a chip you won’t be able to refund it or sell it so you better hope you get something good from the slots.

Each variant of slot machines has their own unique chip.

Smuggler’s Luck

Compatible chip: Smuggler’s Casino Chip
Cost per chip: 2,000 Credits
Rarity: Common

Kingpin’s Bounty

Compatible chip: Kingpin’s Casino Chip
Cost per chip: 75,000 Credits
Rarity: Uncommon

Note: With Kingpin’s Bounty & E-Grace, you are able to win some pretty cool things. Personally the most important one is the golden certificate. Golden certificates can be used to buy limited-time clothing, mounts, weapons and so on.

Emperor’s Grace

Compatible chip: Emperor’s Casino Chip
Cost per chip: N/A – Not purchasable
Rarity: Rare

Note: The Emperor’s Grace is a limited-time event currently taking place from July 14th – August 25th, 2020. Although you’re not able to purchase this chip, you can easily find them from looting enemies or winning them from the Kingpin’s slot. To see if someone dropped a chip, a purple beam will appear from their body.

These chips can not be sold. UNFORTUNATELY, due to some incompetence the Emperor’s grace rarely works, even with the latest patch so it’s best to check different instances.

A Very Important Casino Rule

When the emperor’s grace is working, there’s normally a lot of players trying to get their hands on it but somewhere, somehow most gambling addicts made an unofficial rule to make a queue and wait patiently. This kinda works until someone jumps in line, spams the machine and ruins it for everyone else.

So here’s a few tips to stay on peoples good side 🙂 :

  • Do not skip the queue, be patient and reconsider your life choices because you’re waiting in line to gamble.
  • Make sure only 1 person is using the machine at a time, if multiple people spams it then it’ll glitch out and remain unusable.
  • Be nice :^)
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