SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris – Neither a Test Player nor an NPC Achievement

Neither a Test Player nor an NPC Achievement Guide

To get this achievement: first you need around 130 npc – wayfarers in your Friend List. To gather them simply enter any zone they will spawn shorty (leaf mark on map) fastest way to make them add you to friend list is beating some strong enemy for exmple rare enemies on map needed for lvl80 big obelisks.

Second stage: have a food which gives you a 30% affinity with both woman and man.

Go to Centoria pick one of npc to your party (only one npc needed in party) go to Weapon store where hearts icon is, this will make the party member mood change from normal to Relaxed.

Heart to Heart mini game: – usually speak about world and battle for man, and about yourself and world for women until you get a 2 lvl of affinity (usually around 4-6% of heart). When they enter 2lvl of affinity just spam world and food for women and battle and world for man options. When heart became a 21% his or her affinity change to Amicable,exit Heart to heart,exile this character from party and invite new one,repeat, just remember to eat food for affinity every 40 min or 1 hour.

It took me around 5-6 hours to get achievement,its really boring so i recommend to turn off game music because they answers always the same and put some relax or your favourite music to background, I hope my guide is helpful for you,good luck achievement hunters.

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