Super Bomberman R Online – Complete Achievements Guide

This guide will show you the fastest way to get 100% completion.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Achievement Guide

Below you’ll find the easiest method to get each achievement. Alternatively, if you don’t own the Premium Pack or don’t know anyone who does, you’ll have to do most of these in Battle 64.

Unfortunately, some of these are unobtainable if you don’t own the premium pack, so your best bet would be to find a boosting partner that does own it and is willing to host a few matches for you.

Battle 64 Achievements

Bomber ONE

  • Come 1st in a Battle 64

Start up a Battle 64 private match with a friend and win. Simple enough.

Area hog

  • Dominate an area in a Battle 64

You’ll need 5 or more friends for this. Start up a private Battle 64 and have everyone blow themselves up so you’re the only one in your zone OR try your luck at the regular Battle 64 mode.

Grand Prix Achievements

Grand Prix Winner

  • Win a Grand Prix

Pretty self explanatory. Start up a private Grand Prix match and win.


  • Get a Perfect in a Grand Prix

Start up a private Grand Prix match and set it to Crystals. Get all the crystals and this achievement is yours.

Safety first

  • Finish a round in a Grand Prix without dying

Easy. Using the same settings as the Perfect achievement, grab all the crystals without your friend killing you and you’ll get this.

Standard Achievements

Standard winner

  • Win a Standard Game

Start up a Standard private match and have your friend blow himself up upon starting. Quick and easy.

A reliable partner

  • Win a game while riding Louie

I put this one here but you can totally do it in Grand Prix as well. Start up a private Standard or Grand Prix match, get a Louie and win.

It’ll do, I guess

  • Win a game without picking up a single item panel

I prefer to do this in Standard. Start up a private Standard Match and immediately have your friend blow themselves up.

Miscellaneous Achievements


  • Died by your own bomb

You’ll naturally get this if you’re boosting with a friend. Simply choose any mode and blow yourself up.

Blocks from above

  • Died by destroying a Block

This is pretty easy to get in regular Battle 64, but if you’re boosting with a friend you can start up a private Grand Prix and wait until blocks start falling. Just stand under the shadow and wait until you get crushed.

Trip into the abyss

  • Get pushed into the Abyss

You’ll need a friend who has either Simon or Raiden. Select Central Yard or Pixel Land in a Standard private match. Line yourself up with a hole and have your friend use their character’s ability on you.

8 Bomberman Bros

  • Win a battle with all 8 Brothers

For this one you’ll need a boosting partner. You’ll need to win 8 matches against your friend, and for every match you have to play as a different Bomberman sibling.

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