Super Animal Royale – Dr. Dogna’s Secret Lab + Bonus

Greetings! It’s guide about how to get a “Dr. Dogna’s secret lab lab” and “the first super skullcat” milestones.

Dr. Dogna’s Secret Lab Lab

You can easily achieve this milestone by completing next steps:

1) Visit the “S.A.W. Research Labs” at least once.

2) After the first step, you can head towards the “Super Saharaland”. You need to find the “Super Pyramid”.

Inside you need to press some button in order:

The first button is located on the left side of the entrance, you can spot it easily. It will open a secret room, in which will be some items and the next button.

Further you need to press the next button on the top of the room, it will open a secret room with a tomb, on top of the pyramid.

Inside you will have to open the tomb, after which a lever will apear, then you will have to pull the lever to open a path to the laboratory.

After that you just have to speak with Dr.Dogna and you will reach the milestone.

The First Super Skullcat (Bonus)

This milestone is alot easier than the previous one.

All we have to do is:

1) We need to visit the same location and find the giant sphinx near the pyramid. On the left will be a button, which you will have to press, to open the passage in the sphinx.

2) When you will go inside, you will need to hit the tomb, from which will pop out SkullCat. You need to talk to him, after that the milestone will be completed and you will get the Scepter.

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