Summer Paws – Puzzle Achievements

Puzzles Guide

Cats made of stone

In “Cats Away” level simply turn the cat to face towards the island with the paw.

Green door

In “Friends Everywhere” level find the three buttons and it will open the green door.

Stone door

In “Explore the Castle” by the beach are two paw plates, simply click both to open the door and to get the achievement.

Are they looking at me?

In “Exolore the Castle” level turn the 6 cats towards the path. This will make the secret area come up from the ground.

Mysterious pawprints

In “Forest tale” level click on the three 3 pawprint plates that can be found by following the green vine coming from the three rocks in the middle of an island.

Yellow door

In “Riviera” level active the three buttons on unlock the yellow door.

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