Subnautica: Below Zero – Useful Tips for Beginners

This guide is for beginners or people that just started playing Subnautica Below Zero. Read through this guide if you want to learn the most practical methods of progressing through this game. I have divided this article into sections so it is easier to read and follow. This guide will definitely help you survive the depths of 4546B.

Beginners Guide

Extended Use for Bladderfish

The first tip, which is one of the most useful in my opinion has to do with Bladderfish, this creature can be caught by swimming near it and clicking on it while it’s swimming around. Catching Bladderfish will require you to chase them down as they are aware of your approach. Compared to the first game it has gained some additional survival stats.

In order to understand how fish work in this game let me explain how the work as a food source. There are four states that a caught fish can be in. First is raw, which is a fresh fish that you just caught. Second state is a fish in inventory which has started to decompose. There are also three states of meat decomposition:

  • Decomposing: ~2-3 min.
  • Ripe: ~13-18 min.
  • Rotting: ~27-33 min.

The third state is processed fish meat called cooked fish – which can also decompose. Cooked fish give you more nutritious value and don’t have a negative H2O effect. Fourth state is cured fish wish is a process of preserving meat this is done by combining fish with slat which makes it possible to carry them as a food source for an indefinite amount of time in your inventory.

Going back to the Bladderfish itself, not only does it give you 6 food points and -4 hydration points, but it has a unique stat for providing you with oxygen! Yes, you can replenish 15 oxygen points just by eating a raw Bladderfish. This amount of oxygen is enough to fill a third of your base oxygen tank which can take up to 45 oxygen points. The second feature of this fish is that it never spoils while being kept in your inventory! What you should do is keep a healthy amount of Bladderfish in your inventory while diving deep, this will help you survive especially in the first hours of the game. Another useful thing to mention is that when you obtain your Thermoblade, you will be able to release live Bladderfish from your inventory, and hit them with your knife to get them cooked, and in the process of cooking its stats will be modified and you will get +18 food and +4 H2O, note that the cooked variant will not provide you with any oxygen.

Sea Monkeys Steal Your Items!

The second tip has to do with Sea Monkeys which are these amazingly intelligent creatures that you meet while diving in shallow waters in the first stages of the game. These are very curious creatures that will be fixated on what you are doing, and especially focus on the items you are using, not only that they will chase you down and attempt to steal them from your hands. To prevent this you can put away your item by pressing “E” or one of the assigned active keys to the item you are currently using. Once you put away the item the Sea Monkey will turn away and no longer be interested in chasing you. What should you do when you get robbed by a Sea Monkey? Call the Altera police!… Just kidding you can get your item back by chaing down the Sea Monkey and getting the item from its hands.

Alternate Oxygen Sources

The next tip has to do with alternate oxygen sources, you can get oxygen by swimming to the surface, but there are these things called the Oxygen Plant. The Oxygen Plant can be described as a balloon like sprout extending from its base. Once you see this plant you will know what I’m talking about. This plant replenishes 30 oxygen points, and respawns every 40 seconds. They are placed in specific areas of the map, so they will be available whenever they are needed most. There is also a specific looking fish called the Holefish, This fish looks like a doughnut with a translucent middle part and a hole through it. You can swim up and interact with it to also regain oxygen points.

Thermoblade is Amazing!

Tip number four is brief but very useful for any of the Subnautica games. It has to do with the base feature of the Theroblade. This upgraded blade can cook fish instantly, just swim up to any fish and hit it with your Thermoblade in order to get a cooked fish which will give you better food and H2O stats.

New Use for the Laser Cutter

Tip number five has to do with the new use for the Laser Cutter. The Laser Cutter can be used to cut through specific looking ice sheets. These ice sheets can be described as window like transparent looking portal shape outlines, just big enough for the player to fit through. When you see something like this bring up your Laser Cutter and attempt to cut through it. These ice sheets can only be cut from one direction, so if you are on the wrong side then you need to find your way to the other side in order to create a new path to go through. The laser cutter can also be used to cut into oxygen deposits set in the ice, these are specific looking ice formations that when cut will provide you with oxygen bubbles.

New Way to Reinforce a Base

Tip number six has to do with base building, and to be exact base reinforcement. In Subnautica Below Zero there is a new type of room available for the player to build, which is the Large Room. These large rooms can be organized into smaller rooms or have internal walls called large room partition walls. These can be placed in specific predetermined places around this room. You can use these walls to gain additional hull reinforcement points. Each small section costs 1 titanium and provides the base with 0.2 reinforcement points. So placing 5 partition wall sections will give you a full 1 hull reinforcement point which is enough to let you build an additional hatch.

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