Stumble Guys – Rundown Summary (Beginners)

A list of all features and mechanics.


All relevant to camera position:

  • W- Move Forward.
  • A- Move Left.
  • D- Move Right.
  • S- Move Backwards.
  • SPACE BAR- Jump. If already in air, dive.

How to look around:

Move your mouse without clicking anything.

Clicking in Menu:

To select something in the menu, left click. Right click will never be used.


  • A- Change who you are spectating.
  • D- Change who you are spectating.

Different Types of Maps

Race to Finish:

In the Race to Finish map, there are a set amount of players who can win the round. When that amount of players win, everyone who has not won yet loses. You win by racing to the finish.


The goal of the elimination is the exact opposite of Race to Finish. Instead of finishing first, you are trying to stay alive for as long as possible. Each map will have challenges to kill players and once enough players have been eliminated, all players who have not yet been eliminated win.

Don’t Fall Off

This type of map is the exact same as elimination with a different title.

How Games Work

Each game is a set of three rounds. Each game starts with 32 players. After the first round 16 players will be left. The second round then starts with 16 players. After the second round 8 players will be left. The third round then starts with 8 players. After the third round 1 player will be left. This player is the winner.


After losing a round you will be able to spectate players who have not lost yet. You can switch who you are watching by pressing A and/or D. If you press D and wish to go back, press A. If you press A and wish to go back, press D.

When you want to stop spectating, left click the red button on the bottom left. If the button is not present, wait a few seconds and it will appear.

Claiming Rewards

When there is a number above a button that means that there is a notification. Sometimes this includes a reward, and sometimes not.

Changing Skins

By claiming rewards you will earn skins. On the menu you can find your wardrobe and change skins there.

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