Stronghold 2 – How to Multi-Lord

A guide to making a map with more than 1 Lord on an estate.

Multi-Lord Guide

Step 1

  • Go to map editor and set up a new Custom War map. You can probably do this on existing maps but make sure to backup first.
  • Set up 2 castle estates. Assign one to yourself and one to another Lord.
  • Place both lords in your map (You can place other units if you want to convert them too).
  • Save your map and play it.

Step 2

  • Now the map is playing make a save and quit the map.
  • Find your game save in Documents/Stronghold2/saves.
  • Copy your save into Documents/Stronghold2/maps.
  • Rename the file extension from .sh2 to .s2m.

Step 3

  • Go back into the Stronghold 2 editor and load your converted save (it will be the newest).
  • Delete your Lord from the map.
  • Swap control of the estates with the other Lord.
  • Place your Lord back into the map.
  • Save.
  • Play.
  • Repeat the process for more Lords.
  • Enjoy.

Step 4

  • Potentially forget all the above and try this instead.

As you may have noticed from the pictures I mod Stronghold 2. The guide still works on unmodded versions.

I’m working on a complete overhaul (or as much as I can) of SH2 and don’t want to undo the work I have done so far to investigate how I am able to do this.

I suspect it is simply because I have replaced my Lord with Vlad from Legends and given him a different weapon, but I don’t know for sure, so try it out yourself.

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