Stick Fight: The Game – The Art of Deception

Stick fight is a fun game (you should know that) and players only think of one thing, getting that golden crown, i’m going to teach you how to exploit that fact.

How to Decept and Win


By pressing enter you can chat (you should know this) but most people use this just to say “hi, lol, xd, afk”etc but chat is the tool you will use for mostly everything on this list, so i recommend practicing typing in short periods of time so you can send message quickly in a fight

Fake AFK

The oldest trick in the book, use chat at the start of a round to say “AFK” and don’t touch the keyboard in till there only you and the stick who killed the others (you probably die to snake or something before that) ,the last stick will probably try and push you off, now is you chance, attack your opponent with everything you can use to win, punch, block, and grab fallen guns, do anything to catch your opponent off guard (most of the time the second you move you get shot, so this mostly works when the enemy is disarmed.).

Fake Your Death

At the start of the round everyone running for a gun and if you are the first one to get shot say in chat “dang it, crap, you got me, nice shot” and lay flat on the ground, and when they least expect it, get up and grab a weapon. This will give you a chance at beating who’s left (This will never work on boss stages and when snakes are in play).

Use Your Color as Camouflage

Its in the name, use your color as makeshift camouflage. example: if you are green, hide under some dead snakes. If you are blue, hide on some broken ice. Get Creative (This works best with guns that match your environment.).


This can be funny to pull these tricks off but all of them are situational, so play the game normally and try one of these when you can, seriously, people reactions are priceless when you trick them. Thanks for Reading!

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